• LCPS Lahore College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (LCPS)
    LCPS Lahore College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (LCPS)

“Lahore College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (LCPS)” is very first private institution of pharmacy education in Pakistan which was inspected, recognized and approved by the pharmacy council of Pakistan in 1997. We are “First Mover” in private institutions of Pharmacy; we are gradually offering different course related to Health Sciences. 

The combination of highly experienced and foreign qualified faculty with the support and involvement of Pharmaceutical Industry, Health Care Organizations., “Lahore College of Pharmaceutical Sciences” has developed into a modern pharmaceutical and education institution. Our students have an ambitious profile to create positive changes in professional and organizational environments. This website provides details regarding the Pharmacy Programs, Business Administration Programs, faculty and staff, and our modern facilities that combine to make “Lahore College of Pharmaceutical Sciences” a premier institution. If you seek academically, demanding and intellectually stimulating experience.