2 years MBA Executive Program under “Term System” is aimed at building capacity of committed and ambitious managers and executives who plan to accelerate their career development whilst continuing full-time employment. Working full-time while studying for an executive program will allow the candidates to immediately apply new ideas, frameworks and cognitive/reasoning tools that can bring unrivalled combination and richness to the learning experience and competencies.

Also, the diversity of the students’ professional experiences and faculty combined with intensive assignments will give students the ability to operate successfully, wherever their career takes them. The proposed program will provide a breadth of knowledge across every discipline of business and management and the analytical skills, understanding, confidence and language to influence strategy at all levels of organization where the student works.

 Eligibility Criteria
Candidates having a B.Com or BBA (02-years) or B.A/B.Sc. (two year) and the candidates having professional degrees with 04 year duration are eligible to apply for admission in MBA.
The candidates must have at least 55% marks to apply for admission to the program in addition to 4 years of practical/Job experience after graduation. 

Research Project/ Report
Student enrolled in MBA Executive 2 years under term system program will be required to do research project. External Examiner for this purpose will be appointed by the university and respective colleges will appoint internal examiner.

 Final Oral Examination
Students fulfilling the requirements mentioned above will be eligible for appearing in the final oral examination. The external examiner for oral evaluation will be appointed by the university.

 Degree Awarding Requirements

  1. Successful completion of all courses
  2. Completion of Research Project and Final Oral Examination

The students enrolled in MBA term system will be required to select one option from the following specialization at the time of admission

 Human Resource Management (HRM)
This area of specialization focuses on managing people, the human resource of the organization. Moving beyond common sense and good interpersonal skills, these courses provide students with the knowledge to recruit, select, train, evaluate and compensate employees. Students learn how changes in the workplace, such as governmental regulations, global competition, developing technologies and organizational transformations, influence the performance and productivity of workers. Technical knowledge and practical skills for dealing with a multicultural workforce offer students new ideas on leadership and effective tools for managing human resource.

The Major in Financial Management is designed to prepare students for positions in the field of corporate financial management and related areas. The program provides both practical and theoretical training in financial decision-making and the creation of wealth through the art and science of managing financial resources. Students also develop a broad perspective of the global economic and financial environment.

The Marketing specialization allows students to gain an understanding of how marketing relates to all the other functions of a business and how to integrate marketing into everything the business does. The Marketing pathway aims to promote a comprehensive understanding of the role of marketing management in consumer, industrial markets and service industries in addition to developing problem-solving and decision-making capabilities in these fields. Marketing concepts provide valuable insights into the various exchange processes involved in consumer, business-to-business, and non-profit settings, around the globe.