Lahore College of pharmaceutical sciences is the first private institution of pharmacy education in Pakistan which is inspected, recognized and approved by the pharmacy council of Pakistan in 1997. (Pharmacy act, 1967, section 17(1), 18(1) & (2) and 19(1) & (2)

The Lahore College of Pharmaceutical Sciences is situated at Lahore-Raiwind Road at about 18km. The site is away from the hassles of the city environment and is placed amid the agricultural vicinity around Lahore. The road to the college is a two way beautifully carpeted one and the college of pharmacy is situated along the main road. Private vans and buses are quite frequent, so there is no problem of transport as such.

The building is specifically constructed for the purpose of an academic institution. The total area of the campus is about 70,000 Sq.Ft. and the covered area of the building is about 15,000 Sq.Ft. Sufficient area around the building is specified as lawns and sports field. The building consists of Administrative Offices, Basic Medical Sciences Labs, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Labs, Pharmaceutics Labs, Pharmacogonosy Lab, Microbiology Lab, Physical Pharmacy Lab, Industrial Pharmacy Lab, Gymnasium, Kinesiology Lab, Computer Lab, Library, Balance Rooms, Common-Room for girls, Cafeteria and Praying Area. The laboratories are fully equipped with latest instruments, which are required in the teaching of pharmaceutical sciences.