Dr. Kalsoom Farzana

Pharmacy is a lifesaving profession with the development in health care system with its core centered at alleviating the pain of the ill patients; the importance of pharmacist is increasing with every given day. Thus, simultaneously the scope of pharmacy is diversifying in government as well as private institution, in hour of its need. Where the need of time is to provide safe and effective health care, at the same time intellectual use of resources. I have been the student of the Prof. Dr. Naim A Muzaffar, and hence, it's an honor to be part of the team that he has built at Lahore College of Pharmaceutical Sciences as Dean. My research and teaching experience spans over more than 40 years and with 43, National and International Publications. I and my team of academic mavericks are continuing the mission of Dr. Naim A Muzaffar, Founder of Lahore College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, to train graduates according to the needs of domestic and international market and in doing so, provide them best possible academic and extracurricular environment to face the future challenges. Physiotherapist are working in educational centers, Hospitals, Mental Hospitals, Rehabilitation centers, Private clinics, Health Institutions, Old Age Homes, Fitness centers, Sports Clubs, Medical Establishments, Mentally retarded centers and Centers for Handpicked people. And this institute is providing quality education in this regard and producing enthusiastic graduates.